August 17, 2018
"With iridescence in both body and wing, the dragonfly highlights elegance, amazing grace and reflects universal consciousness and the presence of spiritual energy abiding in the natural world. It is a most organic expression of our existential awareness...The dragonfly reminds us that the universal consciousness is real and that we can change direction. Our physical nature is just a vehicle for our universal consciousness." -- Don Ash

June 15, 2018
To think that we can be present at moments in which a person on the table reconnects to their deep personal knowing is miraculous to me. I view it as an honor and privilege to witness the body reinventing itself and finding union and purpose for this life that is given to each of us.

June 08, 2018
OK, dialogue. What is that? Suppose a person has a somato-emotional event on my table...Don’t you think as a complete manual therapist it might help to have experience -- and basic skill at least -- in holding space for this physical manifestation to run its course, the same as you would in facilitating the release of a strain pattern of a muscle group or the inflammatory response of a sprained ankle? Doesn't physical injury often have an emotional component? To be heard is healing..."

May 30, 2018
The cause for body response is from the intention we mentally focus on. This is of paramount importance connecting to spirit and the deepest inner mechanisms of consciousness and self-healing. One has to be willing to trust the process. I say silently to myself (but really openly to the ever present and listening spirit of the person,) "Cranial rhythm, express yourself. Show me where to go and what to do."

May 11, 2018
By way of intention we call upon, earnestly ask for, and often receive intentional wisdom from the body in the form of physical, spiritual and energetic awareness. In this blog post we discuss recognizing and inducing the stillpoint and invoking the spirit.

February 10, 2018
SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, is a form of depression that happens seasonally. It most often occurs in winter and affects an average of 500,000 people in the US, 500 million worldwide annually...CST can help with all of the things research says are therapeutic to manage seasonal affective disorder. CST can feed the brain, exercise the body, make music in your rhythms and free the spirit in natural ways...

December 04, 2017
The passing of time marked by year’s end always makes me pause and reflect. It’s like a lifetime stillpoint. Even in and around the hustle and bustle of the holidays and all the materialism this time of year can bring, there are times to pause and reflect.

October 13, 2017
Spending time on the water is a wonderful allegory to contemplate the essence of craniosacral touch. I have motored, paddled and sailed on both salt and fresh water this season and can say there are observational lessons to be learned. With a power boat, the bow of a motor boat overcomes and cuts through the water by mechanical force with little regard for waves or current, (forced technique).

September 25, 2017
We are most definitely in the information age. With the advent of the smart phone the world is in your pocket. The more information one has at one’s fingertips the more connected and informed we are.

September 01, 2017
Join us in Don's Cranial Circle. We welcome feedback from all craniosacral therapy students, practitioners and teachers, regardless of their teaching group.

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