Clinical "Jewels"
April 30, 2024
This is a place for CST therapists to view and share quick reminders, insights, tips and more to help us all improve our treatment skills.

Circle No. 72: Client Says "I Feel Bad" Now What?
February 17, 2024
Are your CST clients feeling encumbered by an underlying emotion? Over time "feeling bad" may lead to chronic tension, anxiety, pain, and emotional stress. That can affect the physical and emotional body to the point of shortness of breath, insomnia, limited range of motion in the neck or back, and headaches among other symptoms. (Read the complete article)

Circle No. 71: "Live Until You Don't"
November 05, 2022
As CST practitioners, we hold people in their darkest hour of fear, tragedy, loss, and pain. Our role is to lead them to an awareness that there is an inner strength that can be cultivated; hope can come alive, healing can come and they are not always who they think they are. Helping them return to the wonder of their spring season...

Circle No. 70: "The Golden Hour"
May 11, 2022
The "golden hour" was a lifesaving time on the battle field. If you could get to a wounded soldier within the first hour there was a better chance of saving life and healing. "I have found universal consciousness gives us a literal 'golden hour' twice each day. As first dawn begins to chase darkness from the night, she opens and gives birth to the day as the sunlight bursts forth in radiance on each of us equally with a luminescence of hope, healing, growth and renewal, even on cloudy days."

August 02, 2021
I ask the patient, "Ok, can you use one finger and show me where you feel that?" This causes the patient to instantly reduce the area of concern from the width and breadth of the hand to an area the size of a fingertip. If they point with one finger to the side of the head by the temple, I should immediately think of sphenoid and revisit the vault holds and likely do an efficient OCB, parietals, frontals, and focus closely on the temporals...
Circle No. 68 "After The Rain"
May 04, 2021
"We have our own effects of the 'rain' to deal with so that we are whole, healthy, centered and therefore able to hold space for others...It is from adversity we learn to mourn, adapt, heal and grow in the celebration and continuance of life. This is our opportunity to rebuild, renew and care for each other and move forward together again."

October 14, 2020
Recently, in "Don's Circle" we have offered entries on our current times dealing with the pandemic: job losses, financial losses and the greatest of losses -- human loss of life, illness, stress, and the fear of contracting the all-encompassing corona virus. The accompanying uncertainty around our society in social justice, racism, gun violence, division in our politics has made all of us question our future and our very continuance.

September 17, 2020
A Buddhist teacher I heard once said, "Blessed are you to be born in interesting times." Holy cow, are we ever blessed, huh?? We all know how the world has changed with a world-wide pandemic, social unrest, gun violence and climate change. The ever present uncertainty of having a job, money for rent, medications and food, deciding if kids should return to school and whether we should/can open our businesses.

August 21, 2020
Craniosacral Virus Care: First, what it is NOT! To be sure this is not the abandonment of the complete CST session. This is a temporary adjustment to be able to safely offer adjunctive care in the face of a contagious illness and a moment in time when the world is rocked by stress, fear, loss, death and uncertainty. Historically, this is a most unusual and important moment for all of us.

August 16, 2020
How will Craniosacral Therapists come back into service within our communities with a degree of safety, cleanliness and sanitizing precautions that will keep everyone safe and make the client/patient confident that the service is helpful and not contagious? When we touch, will it be comforting or infectious? Our first goal is to do no harm. You are loving your patients, the public and yourself when you wear a mask or shield and practice in the best sanitized environment that you can create.

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