September 17, 2020
A Buddhist teacher I heard once said, "Blessed are you to be born in interesting times." Holy cow, are we ever blessed, huh?? We all know how the world has changed with a world-wide pandemic, social unrest, gun violence and climate change. The ever present uncertainty of having a job, money for rent, medications and food, deciding if kids should return to school and whether we should/can open our businesses.

August 21, 2020
Craniosacral Virus Care: First, what it is NOT! To be sure this is not the abandonment of the complete CST session. This is a temporary adjustment to be able to safely offer adjunctive care in the face of a contagious illness and a moment in time when the world is rocked by stress, fear, loss, death and uncertainty. Historically, this is a most unusual and important moment for all of us.

August 16, 2020
How will Craniosacral Therapists come back into service within our communities with a degree of safety, cleanliness and sanitizing precautions that will keep everyone safe and make the client/patient confident that the service is helpful and not contagious? When we touch, will it be comforting or infectious? Our first goal is to do no harm. You are loving your patients, the public and yourself when you wear a mask or shield and practice in the best sanitized environment that you can create.

August 14, 2020
The stress of our times is creating anxiety about the future and worry about the present and decisions we need to make: should kids go back to school? Do we re-open our businesses? Will we have money to pay bills, the mortgage, food and utilities? There is the existential threat, will I -- or my spouse, child, grandparent, friend, significant other -- become sick or die? How can I go to work to support my family and not bring the virus and illness home?

April 23, 2020
In the spring of 2020, maybe due to the COVID-19 pandemic, maybe not, there is occurring a surge in the promotion of distance healing using "Distance CST." It is offered online connecting the patient to a therapist in a variety of ways. Folks are talking about it to such an extent that I thought I would share some thoughts.

April 11, 2020
Emergency rooms around the world are filled with people struggling to live and in states of panic gasping for breath. Emergency personal are overloaded with people in various states of breathing difficulty. These caregivers are trying to keep people alive but there is no cure or treatment other than to hydrate, ventilate and resuscitate. Caregivers themselves are becoming ill and exhausted and losing hope watching people die in what seems like an endless stream of the critically sick.

April 03, 2020
The virus is upon us. As touch therapists we are all in a position to help keep our patients, colleagues, families safe or not. We have the potential to be the transmitter of the virus by touch. I hope we can all observe the stay in place means of mitigating the spread of this pandemic. My daughter Sarah and I have called all our active patients, cancelled clinic hours, and classes until May when we will reassess.
March 06, 2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) and influenza are upon us. People most adversely affected by COVID-19 are the elderly and those with preexisting conditions. Those are the folks that come to us so we have extra responsibility to prevent contagion. This is why the following is important. Touch therapy practitioners have one of the highest risks of contracting or spreading microorganisms that cause disease in society as we frequently work with hands directly on the skin.

July 31, 2019
If you place your hands and awareness gently on the surface of the waters of the patient you may feel the ripples on the water created by some outside influence. Traumas...can disrupt the normal gentle smooth flow of a body’s water...If one waits, the ripples will reflect their origin. We are arcing the source. If we wait and look outward with hope and patience, the life force of the body of water will seek nutrition and health.

February 14, 2019
There comes a time in everyone's life when it is time to give back and pay it forward. ...there is value in helping students dedicated to the work to gain wisdom and confidence and give them encouragement to think out of the box. I know that my students will outlive me and carry the work forward in new and dynamic ways to meet the challenges of a new world. -- Don Ash

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