Circle No. 70: "The Golden Hour"

The French military coined the term in World War I. The "golden hour" was a lifesaving time on the battle field. If you could get to a wounded soldier within the first hour, there was a better chance of saving life and healing.


I have found universal consciousness gives us a literal golden hour twice each day. As first dawn begins to chase darkness from the night, she opens and gives birth to the day as the sunlight bursts forth in radiance on each of us equally with a luminescence of hope, healing, growth and renewal, even on cloudy days.


And by equal measure when day is done, sunlight says farewell; lights up the sky and bids each person a call to cease labor, sit with some tea, watch the fainting painted sky, reflect on the day and heed the subtle calling for rest, sleep and renewal.


I hope the analogy is not lost on anyone reading this. When a person (wounded life soldier) finds a need for healing, hope, understanding, processing a traumatic life event, peace and rest, they may come to you for a CST session. This may be lifesaving.


It is in this golden hour-long session that you have them. Such an opportunity for you to be with them, hold them, be still, look, feel and listen. Together you can invite universal light of their Inner Wisdom to gently push out their darkness and present rays of hope for their horizon. We can help them let go of the beliefs, pains, and problems of their darkest night. You can help them feel safe and feel it is OK to open to a new day. Together you can witness their golden hour of awakening, forgiveness/acceptance, opening and healing. To help open them to a fresh new light of potential (potency of life) life-change with each new golden hour is such a sacred thing.


Such is your opportunity CST therapist. Clear yourself of your night's darkness and be the hands of a new dawn and a comforting support, gently encouraging witness of a new day for your client -- this wounded soldier on the battlefield of life -- who may need your help. How lucky we are to be able to offer a golden hour to those who really need one each time we are with someone at the treatment table.


Happy Day,

Don Ash

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    Sarah chapman (Sunday, 22 May 2022 09:16)

    So true , we are all « wounded soldiers » in a way, and being able to be held in a safe place is the way forward. During a healing session , the spirit finds its way forward. It is not always a return but sometimes a transformation. Thank you for your valuable work and teaching Don.