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2023 Dates: June 10-13, Biddeford, Maine!

CADD: Facilitating Transitions of Death and Loss "A class about LIFE" -- Don Ash

Marie Joseph Spiritual Center, 10 Evans Road, Biddeford, Maine 04005-9561


2023 Registration: $598 - Deposit required: $200 (see PayPal button below)

2023 Lodging: $425 for three nights lodging and meals payable to CST Alliance. Deposit required: $150 (see PayPal button below) Additional night available for $95.

Pre-requisite: SE1 or equivalent somato emotional release (SER) training and practice.

Suggested Reading:

"Lessons From the Sessions" by Don Ash

"Body of Water, Ocean of Mind" by Don Ash

"On Death and Dying" by Elisabeth Kuber-Ross available on Amazon and Audible

"The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying" by Sogyal Rinpoche available on Amazon and Audible

Marie Joseph Spiritual Center (photo courtesy of website)
Marie Joseph Spiritual Center (photo courtesy of website)

This four-day class is craniosacral training in the use of somato-emotional expression and dialogue to facilitate the process of transition known as death, and the transitions of loss as in divorce, job loss, loss of limb, loss of a pet, etc. This training is an in-depth look at what death means to you and how as a therapist, we can facilitate healthy change for the patient going through this biological process of loss. Topics include:

  • Definitions of death and transition
  • Ego and physical identity
  • Techniques and strategies to assist the active loss process
  • Viewing loss from the standpoints of therapist, patient and survivor
  • Facilitating the therapeutic expression of loss by the patient
  • Strategies to support the families and survivors
  • Students will develop the ability to be grounded, present and confident in order to support the biological process of loss and death as it unfolds for the patient.

Previous SER level training and practice required. Students from all CST schools including those that are Biodynamics-trained are most welcome to attend.

"This location and this cranial class will change your life!" -- Don Ash

Feedback from a CADD student:

"Thank you Don. Your CADD class allowed me to realize this exact concept a few months ago when my mom passed. My two brothers and I sat with her for 3 hours before she passed talking and laughing and sharing stories as she began her journey. When she took her final breath, we hugged and kissed her goodbye... Then we sat and talked for another 20 minutes before getting the nurse. That circle of time surrounding her departure both before and after she died was filled with her 3 children sharing and laughing and loving. I feel like it was the last gift we could give her, a send off with calmness and love. It was a beautiful honor to be with her in that space."

Karen Basque

Photos: CADD 2022 in Maine - CADD 2017 at Star Island, NH photo courtesy of Karen Basque - CADD 2015 in Ireland

4 Day Class with Instructor Don Ash, PT, CSTA-CP-I Bio

Saturday, June 10 through Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Marie Joseph Spiritual Center, 10 Evans Road, Biddeford, Maine 04005-9561. Visit their website

(Do not book with them directly. All lodging for students is done by CST Alliance.)


U.S. Registration Fee: $598. A $200 deposit is required for each CADD class registration. Credit cards are accepted see below.


Lodging is $425 for three nights in 2023 in addition to registration fee and includes private room and ten meals from lunch on Saturday, June 10 through lunch on Tuesday, June 13. Room block is coordinated by Jill at the CST Alliance office. Please contact her at 603-948-2820 for all lodging information or if you have a question. Additional night is available for $95 extra. A $150 non-refundable deposit is required for lodging. (See PayPal button below.) Credit cards are accepted. See below. Partial payments are accepted.


Prerequisite: SE1 or equivalent somato emotional response (SER) training and practice

Study guides will be provided at the class. Check back for recommended reading.


Continuing Education Information:


Canada CEUs: Approved CMTNB, MTANS, CMTNL


I have been blessed to have been able to teach this class in Ireland, Canada, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and many times in the United States.

-- Don Ash


The "CADD" class is a class about LIFE and how, as a CST practitioner, we can hold healing space for people to recover from physical and emotional loss such as: the death of a spouse, a child, a friend, a pet, the loss of a job, a home, a marriage, loss of an eye, leg or even loss of functionality through stress, a traumatic event, aging, disease or illness. A central theme will be how to deal with fear and how we help those experiencing the loss of the body as they deal with the biological process of dying, as therapist, survivor and patient. As we all navigate these troubled times, we need these CST skills, now, more than ever. The CADD class can be that vehicle of awareness for you and your patients.


Scroll to the bottom of this page to register online or phone Jill at 603-948-2820. Class size is limited.

Payment plans are available for students. Please phone Jill at the CST Alliance office for more information. 603-948-2820

Student feedback about this class:

"I came with an open mind and left with an open heart."

"I gained way more on a level of personal growth than I expected."

"This class should be required for all SER and CST practitioners."

"This will change the rest of my journey."

"I feel immense gratitude for being able to discover how I am facing death and the illusion of it. It has changed me at a deep level inside having this knowledge. I have a peace at that deep soul level that is profoundly comforting."

We welcome you to a new and timely CST experience.

We hope you can join us!

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Questions about this class or want to register by phone? Please call the CST Alliance office at 603-948-2820 and ask for Jill.

About One of the Suggested Reading Books: "Lessons From the Sessions, Reflections of Journeys in Craniosacral Therapy" by Don Ash, PT, CSTA-CP-I, Introduction by John Upledger

In this book Don Ash presents a collection of essays on clinical lessons learned from his patients as a definition of CST for the patient and as a clinical example for the therapist. Written in 2005 and still highly recommended by patients and therapists who have said "It's a great read!" It's not mandatory to take the class, just suggested.

$25 for book shipped to you within U.S. or $20 for book picked up at class