Clinical "Jewels"

This is a place for CST therapists to view and share quick reminders, insights, tips and more to help us all improve our treatment skills.

Welcome! Our thoughts with this new page of "Jewels" is to have a place to share short clinical treatment reminders and suggestions with each other. I always say "Students and patients are oftentimes the greatest teachers." This will be a place where students, patients -- and teachers too -- will have the opportunity to share thoughts about their moments on the table when they have learned something important or impactful on their clinical treatment journey.


We would love to hear about your tips and best practices. Have you integrated any added any special treatment techniques to your CST sessions? Do you want to share a tip about anatomy, ways of listening, hand placements, etc.? In coming months on this page you may see reminders like what are some examples of neutral, non-leading questions you've used in somato-emotional processing? If you have gotten "stuck" in a session, what have you done to get un-stuck and get the session moving forward again? 


The format will be in blog style with new posts every week or so. Submit your Jewel as a comment below. Comments are not visible until we've had a chance to review them. These little Jewels can be 10 words or 10 sentences, but we should try to keep it concise. Even something simple like a class quote that moved you might also serve here to inspire others. Try to share just enough to pass along an observation or an idea to consider as we treat folks on the table. Others are invited to add to a Jewel that resonates with them. This post will be archived and always available for all to review whenever you need it most.


Our staff will choose the little Jewel of wisdom, knowledge or information that seems like a perfect one to post that week. If you want your name mentioned just sign it or initial it as you send it. That way we all can benefit from our collective experience. So check in every week and see what's new or to post your memorable little Jewel. Together we can move the work forward and support each other. We'll have something to look forward to as we work together to make the world a touch better. We would love to hear from you!


I am looking forward to seeing and learning lots of Jewels from you! I will get things started with the first Jewel below.


Happy Day,


"If you find yourself stuck in session and don't know where to go or what to do... ask yourself, is the rhythm on or off? If it's off, then that's a stillpoint; the session is progressing perfectly. Let time be your ally. If the rhythm is on, then go to a listening station and re-assess."

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