Our Mission

The CST Alliance is dedicated to quality CST education and training that emphasizes a hands-on, highly interactive class experience for all students, whether beginning or advanced. All CST Alliance faculty members are world-class practitioners and educators and are dedicated to improving the quality of CST being provided in the world by educating students in the latest manual techniques and CST research. The CST Alliance is dedicated to making the world "a touch better" through every student, in every class.

Our Goals Are To:

Honor, support and respect  each person and the body's marvelous ability of self-healing.

Acknowledge  the fact that generic craniosacral therapy belongs to the world.

Support local teachers and therapists -- with honest fair trade practices -- in educating the public about craniosacral therapy in their local communities and respecting and supporting teachers as they develop new ideas about craniosacral work.

Encourage therapists and healthcare practitioners  of every kind to offer CST as conservative, preventative and integrative therapy in communities, schools, clinics, health clubs, retirement homes, rehabilitation centers, hospitals and anywhere there is an interest in mind/body/spirit healing touch.

Work with and encourage healthcare profession schools, colleges, universities, institutional training programs, and any and all continuing education providers in the development of generic craniosacral therapy research and curriculums.

Provide study and review opportunities  for local therapists with seminars and practice/study group sessions, mentoring days and the annual CST Retreats.

Encourage  every home to have one person able to give basic generic craniosacral therapy and healing touch as a way to assist families, friends and neighbors in dealing with the stresses of a troubled world.


Help  make CST mainstream healthcare.

Promote  CST written material and traditional teaching methods which honor and respect the work of William G. Sutherland, D.O., and John E. Upledger, D.O., O.M.M.