"Ethics - CATS" Workshops: available in 3 hour or 6 hour formats

Ethics and Compassionate Action in Times of Stress "CATS"

  • Complying with AMTA Ethical Guidelines in a therapeutic setting
  • Managing stress with coping techniques
  • Relaxation and stretching exercises

 Instructor: Don Ash, PT, CSTA-CP

This is Don Ash's class "Ethics and Compassionate Action in Times of Stress" (Ethics - CATS). This workshop covers AMTA Ethical Guidelines and Don's two simple methods for reducing stress: a breathing relaxation method called "Breath Venting" and a 5-minute gentle stretching exercise method called "Spacious Circle." 


In these workshops -- offered in both three-hour and six-hour formats -- Don discusses the definition of ethics and compassion and the AMTA Ethical Guidelines. Each class provides Ethics CEUs depending on the workshop, whether it is 3 hours or 6 hours. There will be active participation and discussion around compassionate touch in bodywork and boundaries in therapeutic situations. He will cover self-help techniques for managing stress, pain, anxiety, and tension. The effects of stress on the body, chronic pain, back pain, neck pain, emotional holding, PTSD, and anxiety will also be discussed. Don will demonstrate his two techniques to help you cope naturally with stress and the associated feelings of anger and sadness. You'll also improve your ability to deal with other issues that trigger all types of stress. In these workshops attendees will learn:

  • Definition of Ethics and Compassion in therapeutic situations
  • AMTA Ethical Guidelines 
  • What happens to the body under stress and why medications may not be working
  • Physical therapy advice regarding posture, diet, sleep
  • Lifestyle changes we can make and coping skills we can use to help us deal with stress
  • Proper techniques for these two exercises

There will be time allowed for Questions and Answers. A written study guide is included as well as a CD of Don's guided meditation "Breath Venting."

Bring This Workshop to Your Association

Please contact us for future dates of these workshops. If your organization would like to schedule its own 3-hour or 6-hour Ethics workshop, please contact the CST Alliance office at 603-948-2820 for details.

Questions about this class or want to register by phone? Please call the CST Alliance office at 603-948-2820 and ask for Jill.