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Last Year's 2019 Retreat Theme: "Dealing with Stress in a Troubled World"

Topics Announced - scroll down for details

2018 CST Retreat Attendees
2018 CST Retreat Attendees
The 2015 CST Retreat
The 2015 CST Retreat

Join Us for the 9th Annual CST Weekend Retreat: October 12-13, 2019

PLUS Optional Workshops - Friday, October 11 - Morning Ethics Workshop (3 Ethics CEUs) and Afternoon CST Anatomy Review Workshop (3 CEUs)

Join us the weekend of October 12-13, 2019 for an autumn visit to our beautiful New Hampshire seacoast region. This is our 9th Annual CST Retreat and will again be held in Dover, New Hampshire at the Comfort Inn and Suites. We have just added a third day on Friday, October 11 and are offering an Ethics workshop in the morning which is open to everyone as well as a CST Anatomy Review workshop in the afternoon. Both of these workshops are optional and can be registered for independently or in conjunction with the two CST Retreat days on Saturday and Sunday. Scroll down to see information on CEUs that can be earned each day. The venue at the Comfort Inn and Suites in Dover is conveniently located near major highways and has excellent conference facilities for our event. At the bottom of this page there is a link to their website to learn more. We are looking forward to this year's Retreat and our annual opportunity to gather and:

  • Refresh: Hands-on time to refresh and update treatment skills; to give and 
    receive treatment yourself in supervised sessions with therapists of a similar skill level
  • Renew: Reconnect with fellow students and colleagues
  • Review: CST concepts, techniques and new theory 

Next Retreat Date: October 17-18, 2020 Pricing and Workshops TBD

Below is information on last year's Retreat. Check back for updates later this year.

2019 Retreat Theme: "Dealing with Stress in a Troubled World"

(Pre-Conference Workshop Day)

Friday, October 11, 2019: 

Don Ash, PT, CSTA-CP and Sarah Ash, LMT, CSTA-CP

Topics and Schedule:


AM: "CATS - Compassionate Action in Times of Stress" (Ethics Class - 3 hours) 

- History of Ethics

- Ethical versus Moral Standards

- Personal Responsibility

- Triggers of Stress - Holding Space

- Self Help

- Clinical Applications


PM: "Important Anatomical Applications in Treating Stress" Don Ash, PT, CSTA-CP

- Settling -- in anatomy -- craniosacral, fascial, lymphatic

- Sphenoid Lesions

- Emotional Holding in the Brain -- amygdala, cerebrum, cerebellum

- Sacred Triangle (ala JEU) centrum, heart and sacrum


Saturday and Sunday, October 12 and 13, 2019

9th Annual CST Retreat Schedule


Saturday, October 12, 2019:

Don Ash, PT, CSTA-CP - Welcome and Opening


AM: "Neurodegenerative Disease: How CST Can Help" with Charise Rogosky, LMT, CSTA-CP, MLDT

Neurodegenerative disease is on the rise. The most common of these is Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's Dementia, with an estimated combined total of 60 million cases worldwide. New research brings us closer to identifying risk factors in the development of neurological illness, in addition to finding ways to slow its progression and possibly reverse neurological damage. We'll be discussing some of the most recent findings concerning neurodegenerative disease and how craniosacral therapy can be a significant and supportive treatment intervention.

Lecture and Trade


PM: "Stress, Emotional Holdings and CST in Relation to the Polyvagal Theory and Quantum Physics" with Gary Keeling, BPE, BSc (PT), CSTA-CP

The Polyvagal Theory will be reviewed as well as a brief description of Quantum Physics as it relates to manual therapists including an exercise to encourage our "social engagement system." Discussion of how these topics relate to stress, emotional holdings and CST.

Lecture and Trade


5:00 Wine and Tea Social


Sunday, October 12, 2019:

Morning Panel "Cranial Dharma" with Don Ash, PT, CSTA-CP, Sarah Ash, LMT, CSTA-CP, Charise Rogosky, LMT, CSTA-CP, MLDT, Gary Keeling, BPE, BSc (PT), CSTA-CP and Gina Flores, LMT, CSTA-CP


AM: "Rituals: Establishing a 'Time-Out' for Body, Mind and Spirit" with Gina Flores, LMT, CSTA-CP

We live in a highly charged and anxiety-producing time, where time itself can seem like a potential enemy with all of us over-scheduled, over-worked, over-tired, over-anxious and just over it all. This kind of energy creates patterns -- both as individuals and collectively -- in our minds, our bodies and our spirits. In times like these we need to create rituals that are personally significant and that establish a "time-out" for body, mind and spirit. We need to change the vibration, elevating it in some way so that we can stay clear and grounded in our personal power and in our grace, both for ourselves, our loved ones, our clients and our communities at large. Gina will share with you things she has found helpful: Meditation; Breath with Intention and Movement; Sound, Either Vocalizing or Bowls, Bells, Chimes, etc. and Aromatherapy. She will offer a guided meditation, some breath exercises with and without movement, and Aromatherapy suggestions. She hopes that any or all of these suggestions will speak to you in a way that will help you create your own personal daily rituals. 

Lecture and Trade


PM: Trades in PM to Close


Final Closing by Don Ash, PT, CSTA-CP

Each year our Retreat is designed to be different and unique in topics and theory discussed while bringing fresh ideas and inspiration from each new group of students. Attendees are practitioners from hands-on disciplines including but not limited to: LMT, PT, OT, ACC, DDM, DO, MD and come from local, state, national and international practices, all gathering together to meet and share trades.


In 2019 - Rest, Relax and Recharge!

  • Optional Workshops on Friday - Ethics and CST Anatomy Review
  • Cranial Dharma Talks at the end of each day with instructors to share caseload questions and experiences
  • Wine and tea social
  • Two daily treatment trades from equal level therapists
  • Discover the charm of New Hampshire's seacoast region in historic Dover, just 10 minutes from Portsmouth

This is YOUR time! Arrive ready to give and receive treatments. 


Registration, CEU Information for All 3 Days:


Only Friday am Ethics - CST Therapists (3 Ethics CEUs) $45 

Only Friday am Ethics - Non-CST Therapists (3 Ethics CEUs) $75 

Only Friday afternoon CST Anatomy - CST therapists only (3 CEUs) $45 

Just 2 Days: Saturday and Sunday CST Retreat 2 Days Only (12 CEUs) $198

All 3 Days: Friday (2 Workshops) Plus Sat. and Sun. CST Retreat (total of 15 CEUs and 3 Ethics CEUs) $28


Questions or want to register by phone? Please call Jill at 603-948-2820.


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Click here to see where the Comfort Inn & Suites Hotel is located in Dover, New Hampshire

Once a year there is a place to give and receive!

We welcome all CST therapists from any educational program to join us.

Discover the difference with the CST Alliance!

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Next Retreat Date: October 17-18, 2020 Pricing and Workshops TBD

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