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"Everyone knows drops are in the ocean, but not everyone knows the ocean is in every drop."— Jack Kornfield

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#451232-10 "The Craniosacral Therapy Alliance"
#451232-10 "The Craniosacral Therapy Alliance"

CST Alliance Core Curriculum: Six Classes

The CST Alliance is dedicated to promoting and encouraging the beautiful, gentle, healing art of generic craniosacral therapy. We teach hands-on therapists and medical professionals worldwide. Our education programs offer various levels of training; for the hands-on professionals to foster their skills, for the referring physician desiring to learn about the holistic and integrative benefits of this work for their patients, and for the layperson seeking first level training to help in complementary care for their child or other family member or loved one as they continue on their journey of healing and biological evolution.


Each class moves the student along a continuum of learning that includes anatomy, research, references, clinical techniques described in lecture, and hands-on supervised training in practical application of the work. Each class discusses patient types, clinical considerations and treatment ethics around the material presented.


The Craniosacral Therapy Alliance is a continuing education provider with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) #451232-10 and is New York state approved. Some of our courses are also approved by Canadian organizations and are noted on the individual class information pages.


For a full description of each class, location, dates and costs please visit the individual course pages on this website. Payment plans are available and we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and PayPal for course registration fees and the "CST Handbook" being paid online. If you prefer, you can phone in your payment information (Visa, MC). Please call the office at 603-948-2820 for details.


We are honored you have selected CST Alliance as an educational source and we are dedicated to making your class experience exciting, informative, experiential and immediately applicable to your practice and abilities to be of service to others. We welcome you and thank you for your interest in the CST Alliance.


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Payment plans are available for students. Please phone Jill at the CST Alliance office for more information. 603-948-2820

Core Curriculum Course Prerequisites

Beginning a new teaching group brings with it challenges in transition that need to be fully outlined and available to students who are trying to make decisions about their future educational needs. What follows is a prerequisite list for the CST Alliance curriculum.


We have listed the CST Alliance prerequisites but recognize some students may be coming from other programs and have taken other classes. Those students are encouraged to call our office and speak to us by phone so we can help you find the level of class that is the best fit for you. The CST Alliance reserves the right to make the final decision about a student's participation and level in our classes and programs.

  • BE1 Basic Elements 1, (The Rhythm and the Dural Tube): no prerequisites
  • BE2 Basic Elements 2, (The Cranium): BE1
  • BE3 Basic Elements 3, (The Anterior Cranium): BE2 or equivalent
  • SE1 Somato-Emotional Elements 1 (Listening to the Body): BE3 or equivalent  
  • SE2 Somato-Emotional Elements 2 (Expressions of the Body): SE1 or equivalent
  • CADD (Craniosacral Therapy Around Death and Dying): SE2 or equivalent

Our classes are new and original but also based on our years of training so they do reflect the best of teachings from Sutherland and Upledger. For example, elements of Upledger's work and new ideas about anatomy, rhythm motion and in-depth training in palpation is explored in BE1 and BE2, Sutherland's lesions and mouthwork is covered in new detail and approaches in BE3, somato-emotional concepts are defined and experienced in new and exciting ways in the somato-emotional elements curriculum in the three classes beginning with SE1 and culminating in the CADD class.


We want to honor and respect your previous and equivalent training and will make every effort to grant you entry into our program based on that learning experience. If you have any questions about which class to take or where you would fit into the program, please call the CST Alliance office at 603-948-2820.

Advanced classes from the CST Alliance, visit each page for prerequisite information:

See what some of our classes are like in Charise Rogosky's video from our CLI Class: