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This book is a teaching manual designed to be a ready reference to accompany the study guides of each class. It includes anatomy and easy-to-follow pictures of hand placements as well as details about the basic manual techniques. It also includes new and updated definitions for terms like arcing, energy cyst, release, blending and presence. Don wrote this book to honor the work of Upledger, Sutherland and the Biodynamics model. There are new, original diagrams of the cranial membranes, the exiting CSF from the spinal nerve ganglia, our classic diagram of the rhythms of the body--made famous from our "What is CST?" poster--the new and exciting hand placements for the frontal lift technique and our original thoughts on progressive technique methodology of the "Unfolding Balance of the Craniosacral System." It includes new narratives about: thinking out of the box; how to set intention; and technique order and progression while still respecting the presentation of the body.