New Discounts and Ways to Save on Lodging in 2019 at Star Island!

Star Island is offering room and board discounts (up to 30%), grants, scholarships, and even a raffle this season, so this may be the year for you to experience the celebration of life and the natural flow of living by attending our CADD class. There will be deadlines for each of the discounts and they will be posted to our website as details are announced by Star Island. Call Jill today at 603-948-2820 and let her know you're interested in attending CADD this summer and want to save on lodging. 

Please contact Jill at 603-948-2820 and let her know you are interested in attending the CADD class this summer. She will add you to the CSTA room block and let you know how to apply for additional discounts at Star Island.