Circle No: 58 "Arcing the Waves of Energy to the Source"

There is a special place up on Blue Job Mountain (pronounced with a long "O" like Job in the Bible) near to where I live. It's called Turtle Pond. My dog "Ruby" walks me up there three times a week. We watch the seasons change. Blue Job frames Turtle Pond from the south and east. Bald Peak, a mostly rocky smaller mountain, holds the north and west circumference of the pond. From Bald Peak, on a clear day, we can see the ocean to the east and the White Mountains to the north and west. Being high up with a panoramic view we can see weather come a day away. We rest from our hike up there and wonder at the natural beauty of our rural seacoast here in New Hampshire. You can feel it.

"Be still and listen…and you will know." 

Ruby leads the way up Blue Job mountain early in the morning a few weeks ago.


YouTube video: Sharing an early morning breakfast with Ruby and the turtles at the pond and seeing the natural rhythms of life that we can tap into when we put our hands on our CST patients.

At Turtle Pond we have come to know the turtles that live there, North American Painteds mostly. Ruby and I have learned that if the winds are down and the waters are calm, I can make three consecutive splashes on the water with my walking stick and cause ripples to emanate gently, slowly making their way out across the pond filling the surface with liquid wave forms. Turtles, like other reptiles and some mammals (whales and dolphins), have a heightened awareness of vibrations in wave forms of physical stimuli in their particular environment, be it land, air and especially water. Ripples, vibrations and wave forms are how creatures get information to direct their lives and behavior. This is very true even in our little world on Blue Job. Creatures have consciousness; water has information.


As the ripples fan out, we wait. Time is our ally. We stay still and pretty soon we know if the turtles have heard us. One by one, little heads appear from the lily pads near the shore first and then from farther out in the center of the pond. They turn into tiny boats with little wakes as they motor towards us. Ruby and I have learned they like her tiny Milkbone biscuits. As I drop them in the water for Ruby, I chuck a few some distance to the four or five aqua buddies who show an interest. I eat an apple as a way of not being left out of this picnic by the water. I toss a few chunks of skin free apple and finally the core out too, which the turtles also seem to relish. I can influence and feel the waters and the creatures beneath, gently, with my hands. Our touch is light.


If you place your hands and awareness gently on the surface of the waters of the patient you may feel the ripples on the water created by some outside influence. Traumas like falls, strains, accidents -- similar to the impact of my walking stick on the water earlier -- can disrupt the normal gentle smooth flow of a body's water, from spring-fed waters coming in to the lowest level or path of least resistance going out. (CSF and Lymphatics.) If one waits, the ripples will reflect their origin. We are arcing the source. If we wait and look outward with hope and patience, the life force of the body of water will seek nutrition and health. To look with our hands and listen with our touch we are arcing the waves of energy to the source. As we hold space for change; influence gently with intention, we are treating. When the water surface returns to calmness, we re-evaluate. This is Turtle Pond. And this... is... craniosacral therapy.


Thanks for reading.

Happy Day,


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    Mary L VanNoy (Friday, 02 August 2019 22:57)

    Beautiful Don~ you have such a lovely way with words, with touch. Thank you for sharing this and all you do~