Cranial Circle No. 53 "Spirit As Source" Part IV

Photo Credit: Don Ash, Sculpture from Brookgreen Gardens, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Photo Credit: Don Ash, Sculpture from Brookgreen Gardens, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

I was going to exhibit more somato-emotional method here, but I really want to end this series by speaking about underlying concepts. I want to make you think. To think that we can be present at moments in which a person on the table reconnects to their deep personal knowing is miraculous to me. I view it as an honor and a privilege to witness the body reinventing itself and finding union and purpose for this life that each of us has been given. It may be there is an innate movement, (tremulation-Swedenborg), (Breath of life-Sutherland), that is the source that actually facilitates images, ideas, concepts, beliefs, and feelings that contribute to illness, upset, depression, bodily discord and imbalance of every stripe. And by equal measure, if that is true, then that very spark of life also expresses itself in the craniosacral rhythm and can be cultivated as the source of peace, healing, forgiveness, acceptance and well being.


To think that we can hold a new being right after birth as they awaken to their body opening to this amazing. Being closest from God and virtually unencumbered by long physical history, we can be there for them as their central nervous system uncoils itself and thereby the spark of life moves out of the womb and independently opens the hands, arms and legs to explore the possibilities of space outside and beyond their womb home. It is their coming out. By quiet, focused intent and skilled awareness of subtle changes in CS rhythm we can communicate with the inner sacred space of the person on the table, be it shoulder, neck, spine, sacrum, heart, womb, liver, cortex, cerebellum, amygdala, pituitary, glia, stem cells, lymphatics and on and on...Each has an awareness, a consciousness, a voice and knowing that can be brought to the attention of the patient as a source of healing and understanding of life purpose and meaning.


And as I have tried to introduce to the worldwide cranial community, there is a sanctum to behold in which we can assist the body to slow down, de-stress, recognize the present biological process in which spirit is preparing to exit the body and go home. It is a universal eventuality, requiring ultimate presence, awareness and finally acceptance. As it is in all of cranial work, when the rhythm becomes still, change is at hand. Being able to move into the long tide, the slowest, deepest most profound rhythm, the stillpoint of which is an opportunity for the body and spirit to recognize there is no more life to live. When that recognition is realized, death is a wonderful alternative. In the same fashion when a certain belief system or posture is no longer useful, letting go and moving toward change is also an important transition and a really powerful life lesson and path forward for the living.


Helping a person with gentle touch to unite body, mind and spirit in the collective realization that transition is upon us is such a freedom. I find it is ultimate physical therapy. Struggle stops, anxiety stops, resistance stops. The freedom that one does not have to fight anymore is liberating and calmness descends. Change is both seen and unseen, but dramatically felt, ushering energy to rise when the breath and heartbeat stop and you are left holding a body with only the pure spark of life (breath of life) in your hands. It is as real as being in the mountains and feeling the moisture descend in the air as rain clouds move in from (way up yonder).


We can invoke spirit. We can feel it, touch it, and speak to it. It can touch us. It rewards us with trust and allows us to witness profound personal change for those present in that moment. These moments are when spirit and body both release restrictions of the present or the past and open to the future and new possibilities. It can bring hope that what was lost can be regained or that what was lost is no longer useful and can be successfully discarded. It can release the burdens of the past and open awareness to the future previously thought to be unattainable. This is ultimate healing of life's traumas: physical; mental; emotional; and spiritual. What better thing do you have to do with your life, therapist? person? or kindred spirit?


I realize I can only give you a glimpse of what is possible with CST. Our curriculum has been created to offer a gentle yet complete unfolding of the process from structure to spiritual essence. I realize also, that this may not be what you signed up for when you enrolled in the first class. You can stay structural -- and that is fine -- and wonderful manual therapists find it deeply rewarding. However, you can also embark on a journey of unfolding to invoke spirit to enrich the lives of those you touch, as well as your own. I hope I have ignited spirit in you and if you feel so moved to enter into training in CST -- whether that is with the CST Alliance or with any of the many good schools out there -- pick one and see if you find truth. Take what truth you find and leave the rest. I wish you great adventures on your journey to the sea.


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