Cranial Circle No: 48 "Evergreening"

The passing of time marked by year's end always makes me pause and reflect. It's like a lifetime stillpoint. Even in and around the hustle and bustle of the holidays and all the materialism this time of year can bring, there are times to pause and reflect. There is great personal learning here. Where am I in my life? How has my life been up to now? Are there places, people and things I want do, meet and experience? Is there space in my reflection of the year to be grateful for successes and failures? There is great learning in failure, disappointment, suffering, loss and pain. And by equal measure there is hardship, struggle and endless work achieving success. Sometimes the hardest thing one can ever do is manage one's success.


As I go to the mountain for an early morning or evening walk with "Ruby" I have time to reflect on my life. I recognize and am grateful to be in my sixth decade and still be able to walk up a mountain.


As we can recognize another year passing we can remind ourselves of family and friends who have passed this year and that we too are passing by in this life experience. I am reminded with each ornament and decoration the symbol of the season is the evergreen tree. It is ever green meaning everlasting life. At the turning of the year ending and a new year beginning, we are all just passing by. Life is eternal and in endless forms. We don't die -- we just change forms. Maybe that is the essence of CST. Maybe what we do really, is help each other pause our lives and reflect. Maybe we are all just holding each other for a time searching for the meaning of it all.


I encourage us all, in this rapid, busy time of our lives to take a moment and reflect. Be still and contemplate your life to this point. If you can be still, by the evergreen tree or the glow of a candle, you may come to know, some of the meaning of your life, reflect on lessons learned and find hope for life to come.


So how do we deal with the passing of life, friends, family members at this time of year? We light a candle or put an ornament on the tree and celebrate their/our lives. We are "evergreening." I wish this for each and every one of you. I hope the year ending and the new year beginning is bright with hope, peace and great new adventures moving forward. I hope our paths cross in the times we have to come.


Happy Day,


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    Wendy Peters (Tuesday, 06 February 2018 18:19)

    Don, how beautiful you write. Thank you! I too have wondered while holding a client waiting, listening, being a witness and validating, if we're all just searching for the meaning of it all. Wanted you to know I read every Cranial Circle you've written and love them all. I've laminated a few and leave them in our waiting room. I feel like I may be planting a seed for the clients. It's about the bigger picture in life and you always seem to nail it! Greetings to all!
    Wendy (motor cycle mama cheesehead)