Cranial Circle No. 47 "Ride the Wave"

Spending time on the water is a wonderful allegory to contemplate the essence of craniosacral touch. I have motored, paddled and sailed on both salt and fresh water this season and can say there are observational lessons to be learned. With a power boat, the bow of a motor boat overcomes and cuts through the water by mechanical force with little regard for waves or current, (forced technique). In paddling a kayak or canoe, mechanical force is in the form of rhomboids, pectoralis, serratus as well other shoulder girdle and abdominal muscles to power through waves and currents. To be sure you can throttle your motor back to gentle headway speed leaving no wake and you can cease to paddle and glide on the surface and ride a brief wave. But in all forms of water travel some awareness, strength and resilience is needed to turn the boat into oncoming waves from wakes of larger passing boats in order to keep steady. (Holding space for SEP and the past).


With sailing things are different. A true sailor watches carefully for reflections of water currents and winds on the water. (Significant detectors). She uses timing, patience and gets the boat always in the best position to ride the wave. (Blending, settling-in). She sets the sails at just the right angle to make best use of the wind whether it be strong or light. (hand placement, intention and inner wisdom awareness). She balances herself on her seat using the boat as a fulcrum merging with the reciprocal tension mechanism of water, wind, keel, rudder and sail. In harmonious balance the vessel and passengers move forward. To sail open waters (CSF, Lymph) bringing all the biodynamic forces of water, light, wind and energy together the sailor rides the wave of balanced synchronicity. (Shifting Fulcra). It is riding the waves and waters that enables the witness to understand the rhythms and harmony of life.


It is this timing, patience and respectful blending that is required to navigate the rhythms of the fluid body of the sea. (The meanings of having a body and a lifetime). I have created a “sailing” class and plan to guide those adventurous sailors as they navigate the fluid nature of the currents in the body. To be in still position, sails up and ready and then to catch the wave of lymphatic current as it reflects through the fluid body is another sacred way to view and understand the rhythms and harmony of life. Wind, water, earth, and sky all come together in the hands of the able sailor riding the waves. The first “sailing” class: Craniosacral-Lymphatic Integration; “Riding the Waves” begins in November. Willing sailors take note.

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