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Feedback From Our Students
From a student in the Craniosacral Therapy Around Death and Dying class (CADD) held fall 2015 in Ireland:

"I feel immense gratitude for being able to discover how I am facing death and the illusion of it. It has changed me at a deep level inside having this knowledge. I have a peace at that deep soul level that is profoundly comforting."

From one of the CST Alliance's two recently certified CST Practitioners, (CSTA-CP)

"It's Official! I am a Craniosacral Therapy Alliance Certified Practitioner!!
...I was introduced to PT and CST with Don Ash over 20 years ago when I was 12 and in 6th grade after a basketball injury. He helped me regain my health and return to school and sports. By 7th and 8th grade I knew I wanted to be a PT. This CST certification means even more to me than passing the national board exam to get my PT license. I am so thankful for where CST has taken me and so excited for where I can go from here!! Thank you to everyone who has encouraged and supported me along the way!!"
Deb Colprit Pine, MPT, CSTA-CP

Student in our BEtweener 3 and SE1 1-day review class, Feb. 2015:

"Hi Don and Jill,
All week I've been looking for a moment to write and say what a superb learning experience I had last Saturday. I feel like I learned/re-learned so much! For the sake of efficiency, I'm going to list some of the many many things I appreciate about my experience with you. (This is stream of consciousness, in no particular order!)

My very first phone contact with Jill: lively, open, friendly, welcoming, human.

Jill on Saturday: all of the above, plus very organized 

Love "Lessons from the Sessions" essays and "The CST Handbook." 

[CST Alliance's] Mission Statement is so affirming; I felt the truth of it in your support of us (both of you).

Beautiful teaching: for different kinds of learners. Beautiful visuals (drawings), clear verbal directions/explanations, thorough, good back-tracking to underlying skills needed to go forward with the mouth work, plenty of time for practice sessions, good pacing.

So supportive--you follow the non-judgment, impartial, ego-subordinated in your teaching approach; it creates safety for the student to be in a learning place; we don't have to know it all or do it perfectly. You reinforce what we do well, as well as gently/tactfully give more clarity, guidance where we need it.

Loved the anatomy...several new learnings there; could feel your passion--it was contagious.

Feel so much clearer about how to follow fascia and wait for release Also, so much clearer about mouth work: the how-tos; the anatomy; the way the bones fit and move together.

Know I need to practice sensing the neutral/pause place between f/e and e/f.

Am already using more CST in my "massage" sessions: listening stations, still points at feet, shoulders, CV4s, diaphragm releases, OCBR, dural tube traction, R&G.

Am teaching the mouth work, or rather reviewing it, in our local study group tomorrow...learn it, do it, teach it!

Thank you sooo much! I received even more than I hoped for. [I'll soon be] looking over the classes you're offering and figure out when I'll be over again for more. With so much appreciation for you both,"

Feedback from "Craniosacral Therapy Around Death and Dying" (CADD) class students in 2014:

"This class helped me with the transition from survivor to helping others with their own losses. I cherish this opportunity of growth and am thankful to have shared it with so many other wonderful folks."

"I feel richer for having taken this class and look forward to many more."

"Thank you for making me feel welcome and for keeping me safe."

2013 CST Retreat Attendee:

"The 3rd annual CST Alliance Retreat was by far the best continuing education workshops and hands-on conference I have attended in my 12 years of practicing as an Occupational Therapist. The presenters (Don, Sheryl, Johannah) were professional, knowledgeable, and open to questions and dialogue with participants throughout the weekend. We had ample hands-on time to both give and receive treatments and apply the information presented. My fellow practitioners were of all levels and the mix of experienced and novice therapists was refreshing and inspiring for me as an advanced practitioner of craniosacral therapy. I would not miss this event next fall with the Craniosacral Therapy Alliance.
Many, many thanks."
Carol B., OTR/L, RYT

From a recent student of the Mentoring program, October 2011:

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." --unknown

"As I sat in your office the first day of the mentoring program, that quote caught my eye. Little did I know how many times my breath would be taken away over the next five days. Don, you have opened my eyes both professionally as well as personally. I needed mentoring on my touch to feel the CSR as well as my fear of the daunting SER. I left on Friday feeling like I know how to "think" with my fingers as well as an understanding that I do not control a SER. I am there to mirror and ensure my patient is feeling safe and non-judged. Thank you."

Rebecca Lee OTR, MPA, LMT, CDP
Holistic Medical Massage, LLC

Student feedback from previous classes:

"Thank you for helping us see death and honor death as a part of the greatness of life."

"I only know I was called/pulled to attend this class, as so many others were."

"CADD helped me to reach to some core feelings about and surrounding death that I'm sure will help me to live more completely and wholly."

"I came with an open mind and am leaving with an open heart. Who would have thought that a class focused on death would give courage and hope to life?"

"Several times during the four days I experienced a clarity for myself that was breath taking. Thank you for providing an environment for that experience to happen."

"Thank you for the course. I did it at the right time of my life."

"Loved the focus on a deeper level on the essence of CST and how we can use it in these circumstances for ourselves as therapists and for our patients."

"I gained way more on the level of 'personal growth' than I expected to gain at this course."

"What a wake up call for me. This will change the rest of my journey."

Maynooth, Ireland, CADD 2009
Italy, CADD Class 2010
Portsmouth, NH, CADD Class 2010
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Portsmouth, NH, CST Retreat 2011
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2014 CST Retreat, Portsmouth, NH
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2015 CADD Class Ireland
2015 CST Retreat, Portsmouth, NH
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