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"Lessons from the Sessions" Reflections of Journeys in Craniosacral Therapy by Don Ash, P.T. $15 plus $2.50 shipping
"Body of Water, Ocean of Mind" Essays on the Fluid Dynamics of Craniosacral Work by Don Ash, P.T. $20 plus shipping
CD or Audio Casette "Breath Venting" A simple guide to body awareness and tension release by way of breath. by Don Ash, P.T.
$12.00 plus $1.50 shipping in the U.S.
Originally written in 2010, and updated for 2015, this book is a teaching manual designed to be a ready reference to accompany the study guides of each class. It includes anatomy and easy-to-follow pictures of hand placements as well as details about the basic manual techniques. It also includes new and updated definitions for terms like arcing, energy cyst, release, blending and presence. Don wrote this book to honor the work of Upledger, Sutherland and the Biodynamics model. 

2015 revisions include: new, original diagrams of the cranial membranes, the exiting CSF from the spinal nerve ganglia, our classic diagram of the rhythms of the body--made famous from our "What is CST?" poster--the new and exciting hand placements for the frontal lift technique and our original thoughts on progressive technique methodology of the "Unfolding Balance of the Craniosacral System." We have also included new narratives about: thinking out of the box; how to set intention; and technique order and progression while still respecting the presentation of the body.
$25 plus $5. shipping (U.S.)  Dedication Page 1  Dedication Page 2  Excerpt  Illustration
CST Handbook, Basic Elements in Craniosacral Work by Don Ash, P.T., CSTA-CP
Lessons From the Sessions, Reflections of Journeys in Craniosacral Therapy by Don Ash, P.T.
In this book--that includes an introduction by John Upledger--Don Ash presents a collection of essays on clinical lessons learned from his patients as a definition of CST for the patient and as a clinical example for the therapist. Written in 2005 and still highly recommended by patients and therapists.
$15 plus $5. shipping (U.S.)

Read an excerpt here "What is It?" Chapter 1
Available on CD:
Breath Venting: A Simple Guide to Body Awareness and Tension Release by Way of Breath
by Sarah Ash and Don Ash, P.T., CSTA-CP
Body of Water, Ocean of Mind: Essays on the Fluid Dynamics of Craniosacral Work by Don Ash, P.T.
In this, Don Ash's latest book written in 2011, he explores the dimensions of fluid consciousness of the waters of the brain (cerebrospinal fluid or "CSF") offering new insights about directing intention in CST. He presents new anatomic detail and research to support his view and acknowledges the historic contributions of the founders of CST from Swedenborg, Still and Sutherland to Upledger.
$20 plus $5. shipping (U.S.)  Read what people have said about "Body of Water, Ocean of Mind"

Read sample chapters:  "Touch: The Language of Listening"  "The Matrix"  "Before the Americans"
This is an audio presentation on breath meditation as a way of clearing tensions and stress from the body. This simple practice provides patients with a tool to use as a wonderful self-help technique between sessions of CST or anytime a stressor appears in their lives. This is a great way to lead the patient to independence and a better quality of life.
CD: $12 plus $2.50 shipping (U.S.)
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CST Handbook $25 plus $5. shipping and handling
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Body of Water, Ocean of Mind $20 plus $5. shipping and handling
Lessons from the Sessions $15 plus $5. shipping and handling
CST Therapy Aid "Craniocradle" $38 plus $5. shipping and handling
CD Breath Venting $12 plus $2.50 shipping and handling
The Craniosacral Therapy Alliance (CST Alliance) is a continuing education provider with the National Certification 
Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) #451232-10 and awards CEUs for all CST Alliance Curriculum classes.
Visa/MC Accepted
What is CST? Poster with illustrations by Don Ash, PT, CSTA-CP
This poster provides an explanation of CST using illustrations and simple, concise wording that is easy for patients and students to understand. It also makes a great lecture tool for teachers. Produced in an environmentally friendly way printed on heavy paper with a durable satin low-glare coating. Suitable for framing. To see a larger version of the poster click on the image.
Size: 19" x 27", $18 plus $5 shipping

Order online using the form below or phone the CST Alliance office at 603-948-2820.
"What is CST?" Poster $18 plus $5. shipping and handling
Craniosacral Therapy Alliance
CST Education and Training
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to move craniosacral therapy forward
CST Handbook Cover
Modalities for Massage and Bodywork, 2nd Edition
with Chapter 4 by Don Ash and Sharon Desjarlais
The CST Alliance is moving CST forward with contributions to "Modalities for Massage and Bodywork" 2nd Edition. This recently updated book just released in February is a new national massage school and bodyworker textbook. Don Ash and Sharon Desjarlais co-authored Chapter 4 "Craniosacral Therapy" which provides 16 pages of CST information, beautiful color anatomy and hands-on technique illustrations along with several case studies. This book is by Elaine Stillerman, LMT, and is published by Elsevier. It can be purchased on Amazon for $70.65 and is also available for Kindle download for $66.59
Visit Amazon for More Info.
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